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About Us

The primary purpose of Bench Jewelers Television Network is to provide Commercial FREE Educational TV style How-To Training Videos for Bench Jewelers. Membership to this site allows you unlimited access to all the channels and shows any time of the day or week. You can watch shows over and over as many times as you need. Each show is filled with high-quality instruction by working jewelers who are masters of their craft and designed to Inform, Instruct, and Inspire Bench Jewelers around the world.

Bench Television provides a unique learning experience on the Internet for Bench Jewelers. The goal of this site is to provide jewelers with the information and resources they need. Whether you are just beginning your career or a seasoned veteran of the bench, you will find extremely valuable information here that will help you become a better bench jeweler.

 Bench Jewelers Television Network is produced
BY Bench Jewelers FOR Bench Jewelers
We Know and Understand Your Needs and Concerns.