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These pictures are actual screen shots from episodes that can be seen on Bench Jewelers Television.


Members can watch these episodes on the Setting Channel:

Setting Baguettes

Bead & Bright Cutting
Pinpoint Setting

Setting Melee in a Fishtail Style Flush

Setting Round Diamonds

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Jewelry Repair Favorite Tips


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Welcome!  We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity to see some of the most respected Master Jewelers explain their techniques and tips to making and repairing jewelry.

New Shows

Favorite Tips ~
Tightening Channel
Set Bands

Soldering a Crown

Making Jewelry ~
Making a Colored
Stone Ring

Making a Thumbtip

Laser Welding ~
Making a Diamond Pendant
Round Bezel

Ring Sizing ~
Sizing a Platinum Ring
Sizing a Channel Set Ring

Stone Setting ~
Setting a Marquise

Platinum Expert ~
Replacing a Platinum Head

Productivity ~
It's About Time

Jewelry Photography ~
Photographing Gemstones



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Jewelry Making with
Brad Simon

Laser Welding with
Steve Satow

Stonesetting with
Brad Simon

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Bench Television utilizes IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to feed high quality video streams to your computer screen.  Bench Television provides standard 720 X 480 resolution television streams of high quality training videos in television episodes!

The Bench Television is a full television network with different channels of interest to Bench Jewelers and is aired over the Internet. Channels include, Shop Management, Stone Setting, Jewelry Repair, Custom Manufacturing, Laser Welding, Bench Techniques, New Products, and more.  Each channel has different shows of related topics.












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