Jewelry Repair

Fusion welding using the PUK Welder is taking the industry by storm.  Learn what all the fuss is about and how you can use this new piece of equipment more efficiently.  Are you considering purchasing a Laser Welder?  See if the PUK will meet your needs saving you many thousands of dollars.  This television series will teach you how to use the PUK welder and demonstrate several different applications and methods.

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Using the PUK Welder Shows now playing:

Pilot - Clasp Repair
Episode 1 - Retipping Broken Prong
Episode 2 - Charm Bracelet
Episode 3 - Chain Repair
Episode 4 - Sharpening the Needles
Episode 5 - Making a Thumbtip

Sizing Rings Shows now playing:

Episode 1 - Sizing a Channel Set Ring Down
Episode 2 - Sizing a Channel Set Ring Up
Episode 3 - Sizing a Platinum Ring Down
Episode 4 - Sizing a Platinum Ring Up