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Bench Television provides TV style How To training videos for Bench Jewelers.  Membership to this site allows you unlimited access to all the channels and shows. 

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On the Preview Channel you can view many of the pilot episodes and see the show titles of all the shows now playing on the Members Only channels. 
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You’ll see new episodes of all the shows featured on the Pre-View channel PLUS More!  Each show is filled with high-quality instruction by working jewelers who are masters of their craft.  From Basic Techniques to Advanced Applications - From Centuries Old Procedures to the Latest in Technological Advancements, each episode provides accurate informative instruction from Professional Bench Jewelers.  It’s all here for you to view when you want, as often as you want.

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Watch the pilot episode of the Customize Your Tools Show.

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Members can watch these episodes on the
Jewelry Photography Channel:

  • Camera & Lens
  • Making a Light Box
  • Tripods and Sandbags

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All for one low monthly fee of $17.

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Members of the Bench Television have unlimited access to all of the channels any time of the day or week.  You can watch shows over and over as many times as you need.  Past episodes are archived for you to re-watch as often as you like.

Members can watch these episodes on the Setting Channel:

  • Setting Baguettes
  • Bead & Bright Cutting
  • Pinpoint Setting
  • Setting Melee in a Fishtail Style Flush Setting Round Diamonds

To watch some of the pilot episodes on the preview channel
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A new age of learning is upon us,
Bench Television is proud to lead the way.

Pioneering a new era in digital media, Bench Television provides a unique learning experience on the Internet for bench jewelers.  You can access training videos any time day or night 7 days a week from anywhere in the world with broadband access.  Bench Television utilizes high quality full-motion Flash video to deliver information right to your home, shop, or office. For a monthly fee of $17.

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