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Jewelry Repair

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Current Jewelry Repairs Shows airing on the Bench Jewelers Television Network are:

Repairs with Chuck

featuring Chuck Koehler

You feel confident in your abilities to size rings and preform simple jewelry repairs, but now you are being asked to size large multi-stone rings, repair platinum jewelry, and other complex repairs that were not covered in school. In this show you will learn how to perform tricky ring sizings and advice on what to watch for to avoid problems with jewelry repairs.

Repairs with ChuckSeason 1

Discover the Tips, Tricks, and Techniques of Master Jeweler Chuck Koehler as he demonstrates various Advanced Jewelry Repairs.

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Using the PUK Welder

featuring Brad Simon

Fusion welding using the PUK Welder is taking the industry by storm. Learn what all the fuss is about and how you can use this new piece of equipment more efficiently. Are you considering purchasing a Laser Welder? See if the PUK will meet your needs saving you many thousands of dollars.

Using the PUKSeason 1

This television series will teach you how to use the PUK welder and demonstrate several different applications and methods.

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Laser Retipping

featuring Steve Satow

Retipping prongs is a breeze using a Laser if you know the proper techniques. In this television series Laser Welding Expert and Master Jeweler Steve Satow demonstrates retipping and replacing prongs, beads, bezels, channels, and more on diamonds and heat sensitive colored stones using a variety of procedures including innovative techniques. Discover how you can improve the quality of your work and increase productivity in the shop using a Laser Welder.

Laser RetippingSeason 1

Discover how you can use the new technology of Laser Welding to make repairing jewelry easier and more profitable. Whether you are just starting out using a Laser Welder or are an experienced user desiring to learn more, this show will provide tips, tricks, and techniques that will improve the quality of your work and increase productivity in the shop.

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Favorite Tips

featuring Brad Simon & other Master Jewelers

Making and repairing jewelry encompasses only a few basic techniques. However, there are numerous tricks to use in mastering those techniques. In this show series you will learn tips, tricks, and techniques on jewelry repair, fabrication, and stone setting from Brad Simon and other Master Jewelers.

Favorite TipsSeason 1

How to make repairs easier, tricks to working on platinum, simple tool alterations to speed up your work, tricks to setting color stones, plus much more is covered in season 1.

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Customize Your Tools

featuring Steve Satow

Maser Jeweler Steve Satow was a featured columnist in Bench Magazine providing instruction on Laser Welding and tool modifications. Now you can watch as Steve Satow explains how he customizes his tools and how he uses those tools at his bench to improve his productivity and quality of work.

Customize Your ToolsSeason 1

Each episode in season 1 is a clip from Steve’s live presentation at Rio Grande’s Catalog In Motion containing many of his favorite customized tools.

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