Diamond and Gemstone Setting – Bench Jewelers Television Network

Diamond and Gemstone Setting

Setting Diamonds and Gemstones into jewelry are fundamental skills needed by any Bench Jeweler. In these television shows you will learn from Master Setters how to perform a variety of setting styles and shapes of gemstones. Many tips and tricks are shown to make your work easier and more proficient.

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Current Diamond and Gemstone Setting Shows airing on the Bench Jewelers Television Network are:


Set ’em Straight

featuring Brad Simon

Discover safe and efficient techniques to setting stones without fear of damaging them. This television series demonstrates everything from basic Prong Setting to advanced instruction in Pave, Flush, Channel, V-Prongs, and Many Other Setting Styles. All shapes of Diamonds, Colored Stones, and Fragile Stones are demonstrated. In this series you’ll learn techniques that dramatically improve your skills while avoiding many of the pitfalls common to stone setting.  Discover Skills, Techniques, and Tips designed to take the frustrations out of setting stones.

Set em Straight

Season 1

Prong Setting

Prong Setting is the most common setting style in jewelry. From basic solitaires to cluster settings, from round stones to marquise and princess cuts, this season will demonstrate what you need to know and provide many tips and tricks along the way.

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Set em Straight 2Season 2

Advanced Techniques

Jewelers are called on to set stones in a variety of methods. This season of Set ’em Straight demonstrates many of the most popular styles. You will discover Skills, Techniques, and Tips designed to take the frustrations out of setting stones.

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Gemz Setting

featuring Gerry Lewy

In this television series you will learn fundamental setting procedures from a European Trained Master Setter. It’s like being in the shop watching over the shoulder of this English Gentleman Setter as he performs his masterful work.

Gemz SettingSeason 1

You’ll take pride in your setting work once you learn the practical basic techniques demonstrated in each episode of season 1. In addition to the many setting techniques demonstrated, tool modification and numerous tips are also included.

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Laser Setting

featuring Steve Satow

Learn from one of the foremost Jewelry Laser Welding Experts how to use the Laser Welder to simplify setting jobs. Lasers are fast becoming an essential piece of equipment in the jewelry shop, and this television series will show you why.

Laser SettingSeason 1

In this series you will learn how to effectively set fragile and hard to set stones, as well as new methods to set stones that are impossible to accomplish with traditional setting methods. In addition, you will learn how to use the Laser Welder in conjunction with traditional setting techniques to finish prongs and perform other steps in setting.

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